Have you been dealing with symptoms of nausea and pain associated with cancer or chemotherapy? Are you looking for non-invasive and drug-free forms of treatment? A broad spectrum integrated cancer therapy session with us might be just what you need to help manage your illness and improve wellness. Here’s what you should know about broad spectrum integrated cancer therapy and its benefits.

What is Broad Spectrum Integrated Cancer Therapy?

Broad spectrum integrated cancer therapy is a form of integrative medicine that utilizes a highly personalized treatment method in patients with cancer. A trained physician takes into account your lifestyle choices when formulating a treatment plan, which can include therapies to treat not just your physical symptoms, but your mind and spirit as well.

It’s common for broad spectrum integrated cancer therapy to include complementary forms of medicine to address the symptoms of the disease. This can include:

  • Changes to your diet and nutrition with the use of herbal supplements
  • Mind-body therapies such as meditation and reiki
  • Physical exercises such as qigong, tai chi, and yoga
  • Electromagnetic therapy to manage pain

Broad spectrum integrated cancer therapy focuses on the whole person and takes a patient-center approach to treat disease and illness.

What Are the Benefits of Broad Spectrum Integrated Cancer Therapy?

There are multiple benefits to undergoing broad spectrum integrated cancer therapy. These therapies are typically non-invasive and drug-free and work to improve your overall wellness. A broad spectrum integrated cancer therapy approach can:

  • Reduce the risk of cancer (by switching to cancer prevention diets or incorporating anti-inflammation herbal supplements)
  • Alleviate nausea and pain due to chemotherapy
  • Improve mood
  • Decrease depression and anxiety
  • Activate the immune system (using meditation and other mind-body forms of treatment)

Studies have shown that regular sessions of qigong can improve the quality of life in patients with cancer, as well as help, manage depression, anxiety and reduce chronic pain associated with cancer.

What to Expect During a Broad Spectrum Integrated Cancer Therapy Session

If you’ve never had a broad spectrum integrated cancer therapy session, you might be wondering what to expect during your appointment. A trained physician at Modern Functional Medicine Center will begin by asking you a comprehensive set of questions to determine your current health status, including chronic pain as well as your current emotional and mental state. From there, the physician will develop a treatment plan that can include several different forms of functional medicine such as acupuncture, meditation, reiki, and botanical supplements.

Depending on the form of treatment prescribed, you may find immediate relief. However, most patients with cancer will require regular sessions over several weeks before an increase in overall wellness occurs.

Effective sessions of broad spectrum integrated cancer therapy requires an accurate evaluation by a certified healthcare professional, and prompt care using safe, effective complementary techniques.

For more information about broad spectrum integrated cancer therapy, contact Modern Functional Medicine Center at (281) 849-4611.