What is Qigong?


Have you recently felt a sudden change in your emotions and well-being? Or dealing with chronic lower back or knee pain? A qigong session with us might be just what you need for overall wellness. Here's what you should know about qigong and its benefits for functional medicine.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is one of the main forms of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that has been taught and practiced for over 4,000 years. Using breathing techniques and simple body movements, qigong works a mind-body practice to improve your overall wellness and remove any blockages of energy that may exist within you.

Practitioners of qigong believe that qi, which is the Chinese word for energy, is present in everyone and flows through energy channels called meridians. A disruption to energy flow leads to an imbalance of your body's qi, resulting in symptoms of illness and disease. Having a regular practice of qigong can help your body engage its own healing mechanisms and work to restore the balance of energy within you.

What Are the Benefits of Qigong?

Qigong is a non-invasive and low-intensity form of regular exercise that offers multiple benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels. Qigong can:

  • Improve balance and cognitive function
  • Reduce chronic pain, especially in individuals with knee osteoarthritis
  • Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Lessen symptoms of chronic fatigue
  • Improve immune function

Qigong can be practiced while you're sitting, standing, or walking, making it suitable for patients with various mobility levels. While you may feel the effects of qigong from as little as one session, most patients prefer regular classes as it enables them to maintain a high level of wellness.

What to Expect During a Qigong Session

If you've never practiced qigong before, you might be wondering what to expect. A doctor of traditional Chinese medicine at Modern Functional Medicine Center will begin by asking you all about your current health status, and if you're dealing with any symptoms of pain. Qigong may be one of several forms of treatment that a TCM doctor may prescribe to improve your levels of wellness. During the actual qigong session, which can occur both indoors or outdoors, you will either practice individually or in a group setting. A qigong instructor will teach you a range of simple movements, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques that leave you feeling relaxed and more aware of not just yourself but your surroundings as well.

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