Skin Health

smiling woman looking in mirror

We focus on the inside out. Understanding ‘why’ you have skin issues is the first step to healing.

  • Conventional medicine focuses on the outside in…what lotions and potions you can put on your skin. Or even taking antibiotics, which creates even more problems. This doesn’t always work well. And some of the products that work in the short term, end up causing more problems in the long term.
  • The food you are putting in your mouth is so much more important than what you are putting on your skin.
  • When we see someone with acne or rosacea, the first place to look is to the health of their gut.
    • What are you eating?
    • Are you eating foods that are inflammatory for you?
    • Do you have food sensitivities?
    • Are you eating foods that trigger insulin resistance?
  • We measure nutrients essential for skin health including Vitamin A, Vitamin D , Zinc, and essential fatty acids. We perform advanced GI testing to find out, what is driving the acne?
  • Our 5 Step Program for Beautiful Skin will address the root cause of your acne so clear skin can be yours again.